Anapara, Mappattukara - Anapara which is also known as Naripara ( Jackals den ) is situated in Palakkad District within Ottapalam Taluk, which is at the border between Nellaya and Kulkaloor panchayat. As one stands on the hilltop of Anapara, beautiful Kuthipuzha can be seen flowing in the midst of many hills, the green shady villages, the paddy fields and the light breeze of low land areas will entice us. In these hills there is a cave which was used by tigers and Jackals, that's the reason why this place is also known as Naripara (Jackals Den). If entered through the cave, there is another way to outside through the top of the rocks. Above the rocks, the place looks like a ground which is huge and its the best place to visualise the beauty of the hills nearby.
Rocks of different varieties and shapes can be seen from here. There is a famous story related to Cherupulachy which is s place nearby, once a man came along with his elephant to this place, after tieing the elephant onto a Palm tree, the caretaker went to take bath, once he was back, the man noticed that the elephant had turned into a rock. The Anapara might have come from this story or may be since there are few rocks that have the shape of elephant over here. The sight above the hill is really enticing, the green valleys which goes beyond eyesight, Kuthipuzha seen as s beautiful silver piece, and Muthukuruchy road will stay in the mind of visitors mind forever.