Nizamuddin Mangala Express is the best and the comfortable train and it's the first train that reaches Agra during morning half. This train starts from Ernakulam South by 1.15 in the afternoon and after 44hrs of journey on the second day it reaches Agra by 10.10am.(most of the time it reaches late). It's best to carry minimal Luggage, it's better to bring food for the first day, this will be cost effective and healthy. One medium sized mug has to be taken, it's for the second day bathing and all the other basic needs. One of the best part about train journey is that good friends can be made during the journey.
There will be a kind of cultural exchange during the journey. After waiting for 10min after getting down at Agra, the rush at the station will subside, during this time one can use the waiting room to become fresh, the charge for each person is Rs.10, it's quite neat and tidy. On leaving the station at the entrance, we will be surrounded by taxi and Auto Drivers with theirs various packages. It's better to call a single vehicle to visit all places rather than booking for each place. It's better to avail the taxi after having food, otherwise we will have to pay for their commission also in the hotel bill. Most of the hotel will be having two menu cards, one for newly visiting people who will be given cards with high rates. It's better to take the photo of the taxi and the driver, after that Whatsapp it to a friend for safety issues.
Places to be visited : Taj Majal (Ticket Rs.40) My words wouldn't be enough to explain its beauty, one should sit on those marble floors for sometime. Without our knowledge a Taj Mahal feel will flow into us. On each painting and marble a lot of miracles are present, everything has viewed and enjoyed slowly. Don't believe the local guides over there, like film story they will twist many stories and narrate it. Audio guides are there for rent, it's a small headset, as we walk and as when we reach each spot it will explain its details. As one enters Taj without knowledge many hold their loved ones hand and walk. Many lovers from around globe come over here and hug each other, which includes people who are aged from 18 to 60 plus couples. One guy who came down from London told after kissing his lover intimately that that's the best gift he can give to her. To give a a romantic kiss in Taj Mahal,which is the monument of love.. For doing that many travel beyond miles and Oceans.