Big Bear Lake is one of the worlds important tourist spot. The roads are as beautiful as though it's been drawn. Huge blue lake. Clear sky. On either side of road there is forest. Gives a very similar feeling to Munnar Adimali route, it's almost 200km from Los Angles airport, California is a dry place. It scarcely rains over here. The temperature is very similar to Bangalore, not very cold. But there are few mountain tops were there is snow fall.  Big Bear lake is one among them. It's situated on the St. Bernantino mountain top. It's almost 6750 feet above sea level. It's almost 11km long and 4km wide fresh water lake. Only 5000 inhabitants are there. The tourist and the sellers make this place moving. A lot of people come over here for fishing. During a weekend almost 1 lakh people visit here. During winter season icebergs will be formed over here. Skating and other winter season games can be enjoyed during this season. We had gone over there during autumn season. Season during which all the leaves from trees are shed. Just like Munnar, the road is in a twisted fashion. The road is maintained well with good tarring with barricades. All those places that have deep excavations have got extended muddy road to avoid skidding downwards. We visited during Off season, there was not much rush that time. But the cool piercing type of wind was bit annoying.
The skating ground and rope way were unoccupied. Only during winter season it will be occupied. During all the seasons there will be visitors. During summer in search of coldness. During winter season to enjoy the snow. During autumn to enjoy the different kinds of trees with variety of colours. All through out the year it will have visitors. The road to this location is the best attraction. On the either side of the road there are many trees. This time during our visit, the trees has just begun shedding. Each tree has a different shade. Yellow, red, dark red, violet etc. Even forest will be in a different colour. Since the season has just begun we couldn't see it to the fullest. Even the water level has reduced a lot, ducks are swimming in low water level areas. It's covered with grass like in our land. The boating ground had not opened yet.