In Indian Film most of the forest scenes are shot in Mahagani Thottom. Aparichidhan, Chintha Mani Kola Case, Red chillies, Ravan, Bhahubhali, Eppo and the latest PuliMurukhan are few films in the list. This forest is very close to the Town, but still the forestry is very beautiful and natural. In addition to that even to the interiors Vehicles can be driven, this is one of the main reason that attracts Film Industry. Those coming from the north side of Kerala need to take the route through Angamaly-Manjapra-Malayatoor-Mahagani, this route is easy to reach. After leaving Manjapra, through Naduvattom and Malayatoor Check post, it leads to Manapattu backwaters. There are facilities for catching fish using fishing hooks and for boating. There are a lot of space to relax,enjoy and breathe the fresh air at Manapattu. Mahagani is still 7km away, the road opposite of Malayatoor leads there. As in all Eco tourism centres, even here there are ticket counters for entry pass. For the tourists, many swings, toilets, small huts and security guards are arranged by the Forest department. The place is very neat, which might be because of the less crowd visiting this place or might be because of the generous cleaning work done by the employers. There is a river adjacent to it, when shutters are opened without alert signal from the Bhudhathankettu Dam, the water level in the river will increase substantially. There are many rocks and many steep holes similar to Wells. Those that visit Malayatoor can visit Kodanadu using Kodanadu bridge, and from here Kaprikadu can also be visited, all these are within 5 km. All those animals that were there in Kodanadu are now in Kaprikadu, all these places can be visited and enjoyed within a day.