Mahabalipuram is situated in Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu which is on the bank of Bengal Sea and its almost 40km from Chennai. Bhaktha Prahalan's grand son Mahabali had ruled this place from whom it got its name. Since it's between the sea and hill it's also known as Kadalmalai. It's also known as Mamallapuram meaning Poland of Wrestlers. Praising Pallav Maharaja NaraSimhom's body building, the name Mamallapuram was given. While Pallava Kings ruled from Kanchipuram capital, Mahabalipuram was their main Port. From here many trading goods especially Silk was exported through the Bengal Sea to its shores and to Srilanka. While passing through Mahabalipuram the realisation about our rich culture will come into our mind. Many many blessed unknown Artists had lived here. Cart wheel carved out of stones, Mandapoms, Temples built in caves, light houses and sea shore are the few important places here. It's one of the oldest temple in South India. It's refreshing to sit on the grassland enjoying the breeze and listening to the sound of waves. The temple is built with granite unlike other temples that are built on rocks. Recently temple parts were rediscovered from under the sea relates that it has a close link to the Seven Pagodas explained by the European Sailors. The sea shore is huge such that even Surfing can be done here. Since it's season many who do surfing can be seen now.
Tiger cave is situated almost 5km from here. During Pallav's reign this place was used for cultural programs. It's surrounded by Tigers picture all around. Near to this, there is a crocodile reserve. Kalpakkam Nuclear power plant is about 5km from Mahabalipuram. Then, Pondicherry(90km), Kanchipuram (70km), Karakkal (110km) and Chennai (40km) are few important places. From morning 6am to evening 6pm is the visiting time. The entry fee is 30 rupees for all those who are above 15 years. Entry fees to Light house alone is Rs.5 for children and Rs.10 for adults and Rs.25 for foreigners. From morning 9am till 9pm at night, there is a documentary of 30 min played at a theatre near the bus stand about Mahabalipuram and about the Pallavas. If the places are visited after seeing this documentary, it will give an idea about the history behind each place that's going to be visited and it will make the trip more enjoyable.