Phantoms head in Sooryanelli gives similar feeling to Meeshapuli and koluthumala. It's as beautiful as 7900 feet Koluthumala and 8661 feet Meeshapuli. From Sooryanelli which is situated 5500 feet above sea level after crossing Kollukkumala road turn left, after 1km turn to the right side which leads to Phantom head, almost 6km off road route will lead to the top of Phantom head. It's almost 7000 feet above sea level. The narrow is really narrow that only a Jeep can pass through. On Turing left from the road that leads to Pappathichola directs to Phantom head.
From papathi chola there is a road that leads to Kolukkamala but it's closed now. This location is deserted, beautiful and very calm. On the hills below the cottages has got camps for trekking teams, on reaching the destination after passing through the fierce road it leads to a wide grass land. On all four sides hills can be seen which includes the Annayirangal dam also.
As the sun rises, snow seen in the midst of clouds is a great view to be watched. Similar to Meeshapuli hills and Kollukumala there are many hill stations in Kerala. One among them is Phantom head trekking route and jeep route near Sooryanelli. Not many tourist visit this place, all those who are looking for a different drive can definitely choose it for a ride. Along with that an off road feel can also be experienced. People are very scare on the way. There are facilities for the stay and for the trekking for all those who are keen to visit this place.