Kadalundi trip would be the best option for all those families seeking an superb trip which is affordable and it's also known as the Venees of Malabar. It's a boat trip passing through Kadalundi and Vallikunne Panchayats. Safety is given top priority with Life jackets and it's on huge boats which decreases the fear causing factors.
The journey starts in Thuruthy which is a small island. It then moves through 4 other similar islands and ends in Mangrove forest in Kakka Thuruthy where all the crows of both the villages gather together and its simulates Sundar forest in West Bengal. Lakhs and lakhs of crows fly into this place, even many migratory birds are seen here.
During evening time many beautiful scenes can be enjoyed from here. On one side Arabian Sea and on the other calm Kadalundi river, moreover during this time the train passing over this bridge is beautiful to be watched. In one frame train's first coach to the last coach can be seen. The sunset view from here is really beautiful. The remains of Kadalundi train tragedy which was the first train tragedy in Kerala is still.