Kuttipulle, a new place for travellers, near Paithel hills and located in between Thatte in Palakayom and Paithel Hill. Even without climbing Paithel hills the entire beauty of Paithel can be enjoyed from Kuttipulle. In addition to that Kadukumala's distant view can be enjoyed from here. Since the new road reaches till Kuttipulle, just like Palakayom Thatte Kuttipulle can also be easily reached. From Kuttipulle even Palakayom Thatte can be seen. Travelling for almost 2km will lead to Paithel hills. Travellers can be walk and take rest under the shades of planted Aquasia for almost a kilometre in length. There is another route through Karamarom Thatte via Vaitheel Kude which also leads to Manjapulle, on this way even Vaithel Kunde Waterfall can be seen. Those coming from Palakayom Thatte can come through Manjumala, Kanakunne, Narayankalle Thatte , Karamarom Thatte to Kuttipulle.

Those coming from Kannur
Thaliparambhu-Karuvanchal- Pathan para - Karamarom Thatte- Kuttipulle.

Those coming from Cherupuzha
Alskode- Nellikunne - Pathanpara- Karamarom Thatte - Kuttipulle.

From Eratti
Payavoor - Chemepari-Kudiyanmala-Kanakakunne-Karamarom Thatte.

There bus services from Thaliparambhu and Karuvanchal.