Neelaman Temple is situated on top of a hill in the midst of thick forest. Since olden days this is the worship place for tribal inhabitants here and it was rarely explored by outsiders as its always dark because of the thick forest. They have a special festival in January which is quite different. The view from above Neelimala is quite exciting. Meenmutty Waterfall is seen in 3 layers but fish can't get into the Waterfall. Since fishes reaches only till the bottom of the Waterfall from which it got its name, Meenmutty. Since the death rates were high over here, entry is not allowed now. The river Challiyar originates from here. It flows from Meenmutty to Nilambur. From Neelimala valley Nilambur can be reached by walking for about 3 km through the forest. Neelimala is situated in the Kerala Tamil Nadu border, Nilimbur forest is situated in front, on the right side Malappuram(Kozhikode) and on the left side Tamil Nadu. The road route is through Kozhikode-Wayanad-through Meppad to Vaduvanchal. From here turn right and go forward for about 3km which will lead to the destination.