Ellaveezhapoonchira is a place that's still not polluted by Human race. Journey to this location is a hide out from normal life. Silence over here is much beautiful than listening to music. Many people are visiting Elaveezhapoochira and Ellikalle. The mountains over here are covered with greenery. It's situated in Kottayam district near Mellukavu. Thodupuzha is the near by city. Those who love silence should definitely visit this place. From Kottayam it's 55km and from Thodupuzha it's 20km. From here Idukki, Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Thrissur can be seen. Poochira is the only place from where both the sunset and sunrise can be experienced. It's better to stay in Thodupuzha. From here its easy to go to Ellaveezhapoochira, Ellikalle, Vagamon and Idukki. Each place may require one day to enjoy. Off road Jeep services are available to Ellaveezhapoochira. Those who love trekking and walking should definitely visit this place. Ellaveezhapoochira is the origin of water. It can be seen while entering a cave. Reptiles, Spiders and bats are resident members over there.
Heard that if a spider from there bites there is no curable treatment! Ellickal is almost 12km from Ellaveezhapoonchira. On the way Kattikayom Waterfall can be seen. From the road there is a walking distance of about a kilometre. Bathing could be done under the Waterfall. Kattikayom is usually missed by most of them but it will be a loss for all those who don't visit this place. From there it's almost 3km. Vehicles will reach till the top even KSRTC bus services are available. Because of many accidents that happened from the top of mountain there is restriction for entry now. Ellickal is covered wit greenery which simulates the snow capped Himalayan mountains. It will give a different enthusiastic feeling. Many come over here to see the lonely standing Ellickal. Ellaveezhapoochira's silence and Ellickals loneliness has to be experienced and that's there beauty too.